Our Mission


The “Center of Jamaican Culture & Development gUG” will be a place of entertainment, production, education and training. It is a basis for people to come together to build up a “Cultural-Bridge”

to strengthen the relationship between Jamaica and other countries. People throughout the world will learn more about the Jamaican people and their culture. On the other side the Jamaicans will get to know more about other people and cultures as well, which will lead to a better understanding among the global family.

To get the “Center of Jamaican Culture & Development gUG” activities started we are in need of a location to set up the headquarter here in Germany. When the center is built up we will use the gain from our restaurant, hand crafted manufacture, recording studio and events to sustain the “C.o.J.C.& D.” upright and inspirational projects. We will make bags, clothes, do wicker-work, pottery, hand made jewelery and other items as well. The “C.o.J.C.& D.” will produce songs with moral content. Throughout each year we will put on an arts and craft exhibition to present our products and also cultural festivals.

We are all witnesses of increasing poverty throughout the world. As soon as the “C.o.J.C.& D.” is set up we will do vital work with various substantial projects, not only to contribute to covering basic needs but also to provide help towards self-help by education projects and creating jobs for the people. Living in the 21st century we should not allow that mothers who breastfeed their children go to bed hungry and children are not able to attend school because their parents cannot afford it.

Poverty causes crime, that is why Jamaica is a breeding ground for violent crime. After the center is set up in Germany it is planned to establish a branch in Jamaica. First we would like to get the free education project “Upliftment” started at “Cheesefield Community Center” and “Linstead Community Center” for the children who cannot attend school, teach them reading and writing and give young people the possibility to learn skills which will help to prevent that they start a criminal career. The income from the “C.o.J.C.& D.” events in Germany will be used as a help to get the project started and running. We also want to promote a healthy lifestyle including sports promotion, health education and support of personal and social skills like strengthening self-esteem, encouraging the sense of responsibility and respectful interaction with others and nature. Furthermore, we intend to put on an annual Christmas Treat and live events for children with the distribution of toys, school books and uniforms.

Training opportunities for adults shall complete the education program later. We have a piece of land in the parish of St. Mary in mind which we would like to acquire to establish an academy.

Unity is strength as we all know, so working together we can contribute to make planet earth which we all call home become a better place to live for each and every one of us. The “C.o.J.C.& D.” doors are open for all people regardless which skin-colour, rich or poor, young or old, religious or non-religious, political or non-political. One time in the month will be discussion time for people to come and share their thoughts, talking about what moves them, where action is needed and making proposals for improvement.

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