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I want to introduce some ideas which I, Errol Harvey, have already written down and I am looking for sponsoring to put them out. Two more, a documentary film and a musical play, are in process of planning. These ideas are created to help provide better living conditions for people who live in poverty. Companies or institutions which have interest to sponsor any of these ideas, will get further information on request.

For everybody who wants to make a contribution to the sponsoring: Make your vote, choose the idea which you want to see brought into reality and support it with your donation. The idea which gets the most donations will be put out as soon as possible. In the following I give a brief overview of the ideas.

Cultural-Bridge Opportunity Meeting

The basic idea of the “Cultural-Bridge Opportunity Meeting” is to come together as equal dialogue partners facing social conflicts in a multicultural society that arise through prejudices and racial discrimination. We want to indulge discussions with cultural, religious and political aspects as contribution to the encouragement of inter cultural cooperation and an enrichment for cultural life through innovative ideas and the development of projects to strengthen the education and social economic sector. Varying live performances round off the meeting. [What do you think? ->]

A Documentary Film about Jamaica

This documentary film will show the outstanding natural beauty of Jamaica and report on the goodness, the rich culture and the living conditions of the Jamaican people. Especially the Rastafarian people have a much different lifestyle than the other Jamaicans. Many people associate the Rastafarians only with Marijuana and Reggae music. This film will give a deeper insight into the life and faith of the Rastafarian people. It is very important for us Jamaicans that people in the world see this documentary film which will also raise the awareness of the facts that cause Jamaica to be a breeding ground for violent crime. [What do you think? ->]

A new Sport Game

Physical activity is important for maintaining health. Sports bring body, mind and soul together and promotes social interaction. I have created a new sport game. It is a competitive game for all ages and can be played on all levels, city versus city, country versus country. The greatest thing about it is that it will have a massive impact on the people. Because when you see it you want to play it and once you have started playing it you do not want to stop. It is simple to play but people have to be clever and well trained. [What do you think? ->]

A Musical Play

This musical play is a natural performance which will entertain the audience on emotional and intellectual level. It is based upon religion, politics, culture, the past, the future and the living conditions of the Jamaican people at this present moment. All artists who will perform are Jamaicans but three or four persons with different nationalities will play a special role. This musical play will give the people in the world a better understanding about Jamaica and its people, especially the children with migrant background who have a Jamaican parent, so that they can learn about their roots which are connected to their culture. [What do you think? ->]

Armagideon Clash

The aim of this competitive talent showdown is to empower people throughout the world who have the ability to become an outstanding person with inspirational influence but lack of support to realize their natural born talent. The “Vigorous Championship Cup” makes the beginning. [What do you think? ->]

Reggae For A Cause

The purpose of “Reggae For A Cause” is to pave the way for poor descendants of slaves to make a journey back to Africa to learn more about their roots, the culture of their ancestors and see the places where they were imprisoned before they were crammed together on the slave ships and brought across the Atlantic Ocean to America and the Caribbean. It will help them to define who they are and reinforce their identity and dignity. [What do you think? ->]

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